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Everything is bigger in Texas! Everything from women’s Texas big hairdos to the monster size pickup trucks we drive. From our world’s biggest Billy Bob’s Honky Tonk to the Texas size HD screen at Texas Motor Speedway. I guess I could write the world’s biggest list of things that are bigger in Texas. My tiny house would not be on that list.

My tiny house does not hold bragging rights to any of the Texas biggest claims or smallest for that matter. At 288 square feet it falls in the middle of my tiny house definition. My definition of a tiny house is complete living quarters under 500 sq ft. Smallest I’ve seen on TV is an 80 sq ft apartment in Manhattan and the guy was paying $1,100 per month.

Tiny Texas House - tiny homestead living with a heart as big as TexasMy Tiny Texas House is located in a wonderful part of Texas. When people ask me where I live, I tell them I live near Canton, TX. I really have an Edgewood, TX address but nobody has ever heard of Edgewood. Some people know where Canton is because of the internationally famous, world’s oldest ongoing First Monday Trades Days. Truth is, I live about halfway between Canton and Edgewood and that’s what I’ll tell you if you ask where I live. Oh yeah, out in the country. Google Maps doesn’t find my address so you can’t get here from where you are. When you get close you can call me and I’ll come get you.

A Peek Inside the Tiny Texas House

I wouldn’t be living in my tiny house if I were not comfortable. I have everything I need to make life livable in a country setting that is pleasant with conveniences not far away. I have a bathroom, oversize by tiny house standards, with a shower and ample storage for towels and linens, a kitchen with house size cabinets and interchangeable cooking items, a full size frig and an apartment size freezer. The kitchen in my Tiny Texas House.

My 40” TV is located high on a wall where I can see it from my vertical office work space or my oversize leather chair or my extra long twin bed or while sitting at my piano keyboard. There was enough room in my entryway to house a dozen chicks for a few weeks to get them a safe start in life before moving them to a brooder house. I have more than enough indoor storage for clothes, a chest of drawers and extended food storage.

The office in my Tiny Texas HouseI rent my tiny house which is located on a three acre East Texas homestead with a donkey, chickens, ducks, goats and whatever else flies, crawls or walks in during the day or night. My French doors overlook two ponds and a pasture where there is wildlife to see on a daily basis. A hummingbird feeder hangs outside two of my windows with a steady stream of ruby-throated hummingbirds feeding. I am as much at peace with life as I have ever been living in these beautiful surroundings and living the East Texas life style. I look forward to sharing my tiny house living style in the future. Stay tuned, I  hope to make it interesting.

The stock pond out the front door of my Tiny Texas House

P.S. If you’re coming out to visit, maybe you could stop by the BBQ place on I20 and get some brisket, ham and hot links and bring with you. Beans and German potato salad would be nice also. Dress code is bib overalls or better. If you earned you money in ’em you can spend your money in ’em.

Y’all come.

Ever wonder what it's really like to live and homestead in a tiny home? Check out my 288' sq. ft. home in East Texas and let me share with you how really works! tinytexashouse-aboutpin2

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