FREE Plans DIY Underbed Storage Frame

Free underbed storage frame plans to increase stockpile storage space in any home.

FREE DIY Under Bed Storage for your Tiny House

Free DIY Under bed storage plans from Tiny Texas

Being in need of extra storage and a bed frame, I built this inexpensive DIY Lone Star Storage Bed frame for my twin XL mattress. The frame is designed to hold nine Sterilite 66 Quart Ultra Storage Box with wheels.  The DIY Lone Star Storage Bed Frame is very versatile.  It could be used as a kids toy box, a chest-of-drawers in a small room or long term food storage. I’m sure you’ll think of something to do with the extra storage.

I built my DIY Lone Star Storage Bed Frame for a twin XL mattress and 9 bays of storage. The design is very versatile, though. It could be designed for any size mattress and three, six or nine storage bays. The bed is higher than a normal bed with nine bays. Six bays would make it match the height of a regular bed or three bays would be great for a smaller child.

Only a few tools are needed to cut the frame out and put it together. I had the 4’ x 8’ x ¾” MDF cut to 39” x 80” at Home Depot because they do the cuts for free. It also makes the pieces lighter to carry. I notched out 2 pieces of the MDF to fit around the 2″ x 4″ frame with an electric jig saw and used an electric drill with a Phillips head bit installed to screw in the deck screws that I used. Following is a cut sheet and parts needed.



I assembled my bed frame in position because it is quite heavy. Make sure you have some help available. The MDF is the heavy part.

I bought inexpensive 8’ stud grade 2” x 4” for this project. I intended it to be a prototype only. I have another design I may do with a headboard. Eight-foot boards are as long as I can haul also. You may get a better cut from different length boards.

I used 1 ¼” deck screw the MDF down and 2 ½” deck screws for the frame.

  • 8 2×4         22.5”
  • 8 2×4         36”
  • 4 2×4         39”
  • 3 4×8         MDF cut to 39” x 80”

Two sheets of the 39” x 80” MDF need to be notched out to fit around the 2” x 4” stud frame. See drawing “figure 1” for details. When you start assembly on install board “A” to start. Then put on one sheet of the notched out MDF. Then install board “B” and put on a notched out sheet of MDF. Lastly put on the 39” x 80” sheet of MDF.

Step One

Cut notches in two of the three 39″ x 80″ MDF boards as shown in Figure 1. Leave one of the MDF boards without notches. The un-notched board will become the top board that the mattress will rest on.

Click on pictures for printable 8 1/2 x 11 PDF

Figure 1


The following illustration shows what the fully assembled 2 x 4 frame will look like. Do not fully assemble the 2 x 4 frame at this point.

Figure 2

Step Two

Assemble four “H” frames as shown in Figure 3. I have put some dots on the vertical boards to show where I put the 2 1/2″ deck screws.

Figure 3

Step Three

Lay one of the notched MDF sheets on the “H” frames and put 4 screws through the MDF into the 2 x 4 frame on all 4 frames.

Figure 4

Step Four

Put in four 36″ 2 x 4 boards for the second level of the frame.

Figure 5

Step Five

Place the second notched MDF board and attach with 4 screws through the MDF into the 2 x 4 frame on all four frames.

TTH-secondfloor copy
Figure 6

Step Six

Attached the four 39″ 2×4’s on top of the 2×4 frames with two 2 1/2″ screws at each joint. Then attach the un-notched MDF board with 4 screws through the MDF into the 2×4 frames.

Figure 7

I hope you can use my drawings. This is my first attempt at using SketchUp. If you see errors, let me know.


I used a sheet that I had for a skirt to cover the frame. Sliding doors could also be added to cover the frame.

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Lone Star Storage Bed


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