About the House – Vertical Storage Space Makes a Home Office


Other than the Lone Star Storage Bed, I spend more time at my Vertical Office than any part of the Tiny Texas House. Vertical storage is what makes the best use of space in any home, but most especially in tiny home design.

The vertical office is strategically placed so I have a clear view through the double french doors, allowing me to see anyone coming down the long driveway leading to the house. I have a view of my favorite entertainment window, watching the hummingbirds feed at one of the three feeders around the house and I can see the TV where I watch the Dallas Cowboys play football.



My vertical office for the Tiny Texas House was made on the outside end of the closet in the living area. It consists of four shelves with the largest or bottom shelf serving as my desk. The remaining three shelves hold nick-nacks, a printer, and my office supplies. The desk shelf is 32 x 18. The second shelf was put in specifically to hold my reading glasses, and various remotes, and it is 24 x 6 inches. The two top shelves are 32 x 12 inches.

Construction was straight forward. Two shelf brackets on each level and the shelves made of 3/4″ painted MDF.


The spacing of the third shelf up was determined by trial and error to give an unobstructed view of the TV from my working position.


I try to keep all my papers on my computer with backups offsite. I only have one folder with important papers that I must keep tucked away in a chest-of-drawers. The 3 in 1 printer serves to scan documents to store on the computer.

In all, the vertical office has been space well utilized for a tiny house and a very economical addition. Since these pictures were taken I have added a small side table that I use as extra workspace and where I eat some of my meals.


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